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Ilfracombe Rotary  Club was formed in 1926 by Mr H M Johnson who became their founder president. 

The restoration of St Nicholas Chapel was proposed as one of their first community projects but due to difficulties and then the war it was not until 1957 that discussions started in earnest with the local Council and it was agreed that Ilfracombe Rotary Club would undertake the full restoration, 


It was finally opened to the public in 1962. 

Whilst the site is owned and maintained by the District Council, Ilfracombe Rotary Club are still responsible for the running  of the Chapel and organise a team of volunteer custodians to man the chapel from Easter to the end of October.   


The Chapel is one of the main fund-raising activities for Ilfracombe  Rotary and most of the donations received from its visitors go to local groups within the community, with a small portion towards the upkeep of the chapel itself. 

Other fund-raising activities that Ilfracombe Rotary have organised include the annual Rotary StarTrek Challenge, which was one of the biggest Rotary fund-raising events in the UK raising over £1 million in its 27 years, with the main benefactors being Children's Hospice  South West and the North Devon Hospice.    We also organise a 'pop up' Charity shop each year with all proceeds going to the local community.   


Find out more about our activities by downloading our brochure or check out our Ilfracombe Rotary Club website

If you live in the Ilfracombe area and would like to find out more about getting involved in Rotary  or are a part of a local group that may require our support then do please get in touch by emailing us at   

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